Our History……………

              CMM is a humanitarian organization that gained its non-profit status in 2006.  Prior to that time, the organization operated under a variety of names and had been in existence for decades.  What was first organized to be a thrift store has grown to be so much more.  Originally the focus of CMM was to help supply the needs of the less fortunate citizens of Graham County by providing clothing, furniture and household goods at a reasonable price.  We did at times have opportunity to assist citizens with other needs such as utilities, emergency food or lodging, but nothing compared to where we are now.  CMM is dedicated to serving the people of Graham County through supporting and developing creative outreach methods that present us the opportunity to reach into our community.  CMM seeks to support, interact and cooperate with the existing programs and organizations to enhance our ability to reach more people, meeting more needs.  When needs speak, we listen! CMM operates under a voluntary Board comprised of five members.  

           At CMM we believe it is important to build relationships with the people of the county, and to be open and honest in the manner in which we conduct business.  Since CMM is more than just an organization, we see the many we are able to help as people, and not as projects.  CMM is 98% volunteer based, having only two paid employees and approximately 22 volunteers.  Volunteers are the backbone of our ministry and are always welcome and are always needed.

Some Accomplishments...…………….


1. 2015—creation of Graham United, an outreach arm of CMM that serves our elderly and/or disabled population, helping with utilities, heating fuel, medical and medicinal needs, dentures, hearing aids, eye glasses, shelter, food and several other needs as circumstances may call for. 2. 2016—creation of the scholarship fund—we started by supplying scholarships to 2 graduating seniors who planned on attending a two-year degree program, transfer program or trades school.  We now supply 4 scholarships annually.

3. 2016--purchase of building which houses the Church Mouse Thrift Store

4. 2017—purchase of property for a community garden

5. 2018--successful start of the Greater Good Community Garden, an ADA handicap accessible community garden with an outdoor classroom which will be used for local students, and other citizens to learn about propagation, planting and preparing of healthy produce.

6.2018- Partnering with The Grace Place Community kitchen which is tentatively scheduled to open in September.

7.2018--  Major renovations to our building

8.2018--Website development.

Church Mouse Ministries
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140 North Main St.
Robbinsville, NC 28771
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